Have you ever wondered what really shapes your thoughts ?

The decisions we make are very strongly rooted in the experiences we have had throughout our lives.

These are personal experiences, actions and reactions from other and the results we have achieved.

Over a period of time we build up a pile of experiences. Some pleasant and some not so. Some of these experiences get so deeply engrained in our minds that they completely shape our thinking. This is what we call a belief system.

Our minds are programmed to seek happiness. So if someone praises you for something you did, you are more likely to do that again, than repeat an action you got reprimanded for.

Every time we face a situation, our mind reacts based on those experiences. Our mind always pushing us to do things that make you happy and strikes fear whenever it doesn’t want us to do something, fearing a repeat of an unpleasant experience.

This is what drives some people away from doing certain things, while others go thrive in similar situations.

Are these negative belief systems for life ?

They would be, unless you decide to break it !

This is where I as a success coach can assist you.

I am Latha Yamini a Certified Success Coach and Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

From climbing the corporate ladder to leaving it all to chase my passion of helping people achieve their dreams, I have seen my fair share of things.

I use tried and tested techniques to help you break the shackles holding you back.

I will set you on the path you have chosen in life or help you find the best path for you. Be it your Career, setting up your Business, helping you stay Calm in tough situations or if  you’re seeking Holistic Living , I will stand by your side.

I will help you build

the world you dream of !


Certified Success Coach Latha Yamini
NLP Master Practioner in Bangalore


Learn to keep Stress at Bay and lead a Happy  and Fulfilling Life.

Winning formula to succeed in your Career. Be it Growth, Transition or seeking your Passion. 

Learn the Art and Science of Setting up a Business,  Scaling and making your Business Profitable.

Learn about the powers hidden in you and how you can use it to make your dreams a reality.

Create a healthy Balance across all aspects of your Life.

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Advanced Stress Management : 28 Days

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I have never been happier !

“ Your coaching has benefited me immensely. I have been able to transform myself completelywith the skills you imparted in me, which I continue to practice every day. 

Your support has helped me achieve a better understanding of self-awareness, an intricatework-life balance. Most importantly it has helped me understand the importance of health and overall balance with respect to life.

I greatly recommend your services to individuals who feel hassled, over-extended and peoplewho are not able to achieve what they want in life. ” 

-Shalini Mathur

My positivity is rubbing off on others too !

“ Latha’s approach helped me look at my life in a completely different way. And the resultsare there for everyone around me to see.

Her guidance has helped me realise what I am capable of. Now I lead a much more happy personal and professional life.

Latha is incredibly talented and her passion in bringing out the best in me was extremely commendable, all this only comes with experience. I can’t thank you enough, Latha and wish more people like me can benefit from yourknowledge. ”

– Roshan

I have tasted success in more than just my career !

“ Latha is an incredibly talented and natural coach. Her values-centered guidance challenged
me to think beyond just “career upliftment”. It helped me focus more on finding a purposethat would capitalise on my passion and strength. Her knowledge of many areas and her willingness to connect me to her network were completely valuable in my recent success. Heruplifting, positive and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with.Her strategies and lessons have left me truly inspired, to live my life in congruence with mypassions and strengths. Latha is truly one of a kind and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a intuitive, sincere and a passionate life coach. ” 

-Ashwin Sethuraman