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‘Simple and Effective Solutions” to stay Happy and Successful both professionally & personally.

Enlighten & Enrich is committed to delivering ‘Simple and Effective Solutions” enabling individuals stay Happy and Successful both professionally & personally.

With a successful work experience of more than decade and half Heading Operations for various Organizations, I finally decided to look beyond the monotonous professional & personal life.

Fervent about reading, coaching, enjoying every bit of my life and living happy & healthy, I envisaged to look beyond my proficiency in managing operations and decided to walk the path towards channelizing my energy to “what made me happy”. Undoubtedly, it was a mega risk for me to forego a highly paid job with assured regular income viz a viz choosing something which gave me happiness with the uncertainty of a regular income. But yes, someday we have to make the choice of focusing on our happiness and I preferred to work towards it sooner than later.

During my initial stint as a Coach, wherein, I enjoyed my job of coaching individuals lead better lives, hardly did I realize the actual impact I created. Later did I realize that my endeavor had started transforming lives of the people I coached and this was an icing on the cake and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Hence, here I am, coaching individuals succeed in their careers, helping launch small businesses and scaling up their business, coaching wellness and holistic living, coaching on stress management and manifestation using the power of subconscious mind. I am dedicated towards assisting individuals to lead a Successful life.

My journey has been delightful & pleasing so far and I intend to continue to contribute towards making a fruitful difference in the lives of the larger mass.

I will help you build the world you dream of !

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