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Career Coaching

More than half of our life we work either to sustain or to better our life and lifestyle. End of the day we judge ourselves by the way we have progressed in our careers. While some have successful careers others don’t feel so good about the way they have progressed in their careers. By the way, I have never been able to define Success myself, cause it has so many meanings and as I grow, the meaning seems to get a lot different as compared to what was earlier.

What can get overwhelming is when we transition our jobs irrespective of the potential each of us might have. Firstly there is this fear of not getting accepted in the new place cause there always seem to be such tenured players in the job who have ‘Been there done that’, fear of starting all over again and having to prove your mettle and then there is also this fear of failure.

What is scary is when you have had a great career but for some unfortunate or sometimes fortunate reason you quit and then you start your job hunt. Sometimes it so happens that the market is plush and we are able to get a job easily but what if the market is slow and our job hunting seems to be a never-ending quest! While searching for a job, what is most required is a positive state of mind and I agree it is easier said than done. But, if you haven’t been successful in getting a job, you need to relook at your strategy. If your resume is never getting picked out of the lot, then there is truly something missing irrespective of the amount of experience you have or the amount of potential you carry.

Few things that you need to keep in mind while going through a career transition or applying for a new job.

You need to first read all the requisites, job requirements and then you need to make changes to your resume. If a company speaks of leadership skills and your resume reads pure technical qualification, go back and edit your resume, add the skills and then apply. Chances of your resume getting picked is a lot more. Now if your resume gets selected, make sure you are able to display your leadership skills. Though there are a hundred statements being made that a leader is not made but is born, I think the actual meaning of this is Leaders take birth not literally, but learn and make themselves leaders only to be born in the world. I hope am making sense here. I am not sure whether we all have leadership skills in us the day we are born, but the little exposure, grooming and the knowledge you gain towards the same from your school days, certainly acts as a foundation and as we progress to college it only gets enhanced which we carry to the workplace. Workplace always grooms us to be better leaders through various situations we come across.

Next is cracking the interview. Our resume can be a mile long with all the prior achievements or if you are a fresher, all your achievements and accolades you received, but unless you are able to project the same in front of the panel, you are not doing yourself any good. Also, my personal learning, when the interview dates get advanced, do not accept unless you are mentally prepared for it. I have attended an interview after an 18hour shift and I was clueless as to what I spoke which is so unlike me. Learning is that you need well-rested sleep and a clear mind before attending an interview. Interviews are all about “Selling Yourself” because trust me, no one has the time to read and understand your resume cause you aren’t the only one attending. So be WELL prepared and if you have prior experience attending interviews, write down all the questions that might get asked and then prepare and attend the interview. Also, if you don’t understand the questions or jargons used as different organizations use different jargons, it would not be wrong to ask them to rephrase the question.

Be presentable for the interview. As the saying goes, you are never going to be overdressed ever. The irony of today’s world is that, whether or not anyone puts enough efforts to groom their mind and knowledge, but it certainly is a mandate to groom yourself outwardly. So be well-groomed else chances are that you might not get selected.

Don’t be in a mad rush to join any organization. That’s the biggest mistake desperate job seekers do and then end up with bad culture, bad unruly peers and boss and unhappiness around. If you are looking at a job just as a backfill while you are plotting for a better one, maybe mediocre organizations would help, but on second thoughts I would suggest not even stepping there cause it can leave a very bad taste in your career.

Learn to stay positive while job hunting. I know it can get difficult but you brooding over not getting a job is not making your life any better. The amount of time you spend on brooding and worrying can be constructively spent networking or maybe learning a new skill that could land you in your dream job. So stop worrying and always think and believe, you deserve better.

The past mistakes you did at your last job should be a learning for you so you do not carry this forward. Mistakes don’t have to always be negative and you need to know that. Blind faith in your peers, over-trusting your colleagues or team, fighting with the management for someone else’s cause and not networking because you didn’t think it was important could be some of the examples. Though this might have seemed good for you, these are mistakes which you certainly don’t want to carry into your new workplace.

Learn to negotiate and for that, you need to research before you negotiate your salary. Be very sure when you negotiate and if you need to make small adjustments, that’s fine. Go ahead and take it up but always keep planning ahead.

You certainly don’t want to be working your whole life and at the mercy of your working hours controlling your life unless it serves you.

The day you think you have hit your threshold is the day you start planning your next career move. This is one of the ways to grow in terms of knowledge and in terms of your finances.

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