How To Prepare For Your New Job

In this series of blogs we are looking at most important aspect of your professional life, “Your Dream Job”. We have looked at how to craft the perfect resume, how to ace your next interview , things to avoid in your interview and we also saw how to choose the best job offer.

Let’s now look at the common challenges people face, when they take up a new role.

Our entire professional life revolves around the same factors. Finding a job that let’s you shine, a job that gives you a sense of satisfaction and a job where you have ample opportunity to showcase your skills.

The bottom line, everyone is on the lookout for a job that let’s them wake up with a smile, with a strong sense of energy where you are ready to get your day going and a sense of satisfaction.

Considering you have landed your dream job, it’s time to now start afresh, make your mark and at the new work place and ready to start proving your potential.  

Few of the guidelines us sure to help you establish yourself at the new workplace.


Make a Plan

A new job is a new opportunity, to start fresh.

Bring the focus back onto your professional goals at the new workplace. What is your aim, what are your short term and long term goals and do not forget to attach a time frame towards your goals.

Once you have finalized on the “Achievement at the new workplace list”, make a roadmap of all the steps that are required to help you taste success.

If this is not your first job, your experience from the past is your biggest teacher. Your exposure towards positive things, negative situations, experience of dealing with different minded people, different personalities should only aid you in getting better at the way you handle the current job.

First thing, make a rock solid plan for yourself.

Take time and introspect, everything you did well in your previous job and things that you didn’t do so great. Learn from the past mistakes and be ready to improvise if similar situations arise.

So continue the good practices that made you what you are today. Focus on the things you would like to change about yourself. This could be anything from changing the way you communicate, the way you react to tough situations, the way you respond during stressful times, handling your boss, your peers, adherence to plans and execution etc.

You are your best judge and so, take time to assess your “Not so Great” areas and put a plan to overcome those.  

Bottomline, every single day should make you better than what you were the previous day.

Stay Calm

When you land your dream job, there are a lot of thoughts and emotions that would run through your mind. A new job would give you a renewed sense of hope, a new sense of optimism and a sense of anticipation. You are bound to feel refreshed, re-energized and a strong resolve to do well.

At the same time, if you have faced more failures than success at your pervious job, do not anticipate the same at the current work place. Energy follows thought and the more you think about the failures and challenges, there is all the possibility that the same would present itself gift wrapped. Focus on what you want to achieve and leave the past in the past.

It is very important that you learn to curb all of your emotions and learn to stay calm. Learn to let go of your negative thoughts and emotions.

Focus on how you will achieve your goals and not on how you will fail.

Make an impression

Not too many people get quickly comfortable at a new workplace. Being around a bunch of people you don’t know yet, might push a lot of people to keep a low profile, becoming an introvert for a while and becoming selective in their interactions with others. However strong the urge may be, you need to do your best to overcome that and make a strong impression.

Learn to get comfortable by taking the initiative of letting your new team, peers and your manager know about you. Be vocal and speak your heart, be honest, do not brag because eventually your true colors are going to be visible to all, let them know you are a friendly and an approachable person.

Your honesty in projecting yourself the way you are, is the best way to break ice with your new colleagues.

No re-run of your resume please. You past experiences and your achievements really don’t matter to your team, all that they want is a good peer and a good colleague.

If you aren’t good at articulating yourself, then be prepared with list of things your peers and your managers should know and then break the ice.

Nothing breaks the ice like sheer honesty.


Get To Know the Procedures

There might be a few things that might work differently at your new place, so get yourself acquainted with the new policies.

You must get to know everything you need to know to commence your new journey. Make sure you get all your queries addressed and so you are not caught short without appropriate knowledge.

Make notes to make sure that you remember all the important aspects. This would be initially needed as you are still new to the ways of working at the new workplace.


Reach Out

Firstly, try and remember as many names as possible as it could get awkward to keep addressing people with the wrong names.

Having some support from a colleague would be great to help you get through the initial few days until you settle into your new surroundings and with new colleagues.

So don’t be afraid to approach your team mates. Gather them for a quick lunch, try to travel along with them and have some fun talks.

Having someone who you could reach out to will give you some comfort. You wouldn’t want to feel isolated at your new workplace do you.

With time, try to have a good working relationship with as many people in your team as possible.

Again, you don’t need to make friends with everyone, you just need to be able to carry on working smoothly, in the workplace.


 Understand Expectations.

Starting fresh, it is always good to get to know what your boss and your team expects out of you.

Schedule a meeting with your boss, figure out how things are in the team. What is the single major issue that the team and the boss face.

Be genuine and most importantly be attentive, you don’t want to miss an important piece of information or still worse, commit to something that might not be the best thing for you to do.

Also set your own expectations, what would you want and what you wouldn’t.

Clarifying things at an initial stage is a great platform to set in your new environment.


Do try to be a hero

In all of the excitement, you would want to show everyone your skills, talents and abilities. While this is fine, what you need to make sure is that you don’t end up overdoing things.

Do not over commit or take on more than you can handle.

You are just starting over. You will have a long way to go and you will have ample opportunities to prove yourself. Don’t be in a hurry, as it could backfire.

Try to bring in a balance, don’t go too far, neither should you hold yourself back or opt to stay in a safe, comfort zone.



Conclusion :

Getting into a new job is always exciting. However, the first few days can be tricky. While you would have a lot of excitement about your new move, you would also have to negotiate the challenges of getting familiar with the people, the procedures and a completely new environment.

Getting into a new job is an opportunity to start fresh. A time where you can refocus, start to retrace your steps towards your career goals. So start with a plan. List out what you intend to accomplish in your new workplace. Continue all the good things that you did at your previous place and change whatever didn’t help you.

Initial days could be a mixed bag. You might have a lot of enthusiasm, but you might not have as many friends around you as you did. Learn to stay calm, curb your emotions of either trying to do too much or staying back in a shell. Don’t try to take too much on to your plate, don’t be in a real hurry to prove yourself.

Make a good first impression, be honest with the people who you would be working with. Give them a brief about your career and some of your interests.

Learn more about all the procedures and get acquainted with your new workplace as soon as you can. If you have queries, make sure you get them clarified to avoid any trouble in future.

Get a good understanding of what is going to be expected out of you.

Reach out, try and make some acquaintances in your team, so you don’t have to feel totally alone in your new place.

Message me to help you set, plan and achieve your career goals.

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