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Manifestation-Power of Subconscious

Manifestation – Power of Subconscious
Your Subconscious mind has the power to get you what you want. “ For as a person thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he” – Dr. Joseph Murthy

Manifestation is happening round the clock and your subconscious is always working to create situations, circumstances, instances and people to ensure your goals are realized.

We manifest what is in our belief system and not the desires. Desires are very superficial but beliefs are what is deep-rooted in us and what we will manifest is our Beliefs. What we perceive to be a reality, reality which gives rise to emotions every time we think is what we will manifest.

“Law of Belief is the operating principle of Law of Life.”

Our entire life is based on your Belief system, what you strongly believe- in becomes your belief system over a period of time. Have you ever wondered why we receive exactly the opposite of what we desired or prayed for? How are you going to manifest amazing health, when you have been constantly thinking about bad health running in your family? How will you be able to manifest wealth when you constantly think that a laborers life is so much more peaceful and happy as compared to yours with the limited money he has? This is the reason behind we manifesting exactly the opposite of what we sought because we are consciously seeking something but we believe exactly the opposite.

We need to be very cautious about what we seek through our thoughts. The message we send out through our thoughts is what gets returned to us. Energy follows thought. Focus goes where thought flows and where there is the focus, more and more energy flows and where there’s energy, your manifestations start to realize.
If you perceive your life as a struggle, more and more struggles are what you will manifest.
Do you know that in spite of your negative beliefs, the good thing is your belief system can be changed, provided you work towards the change? You can remove all the negative thought patterns which form your belief system and then seed positive thoughts patterns resulting in you being able to manifest your goal.
You need to know, you will be able to manifest only when your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are in sync.

Points to ponder:
Your desires are not what you manifest, what you manifest are your beliefs.
The law of attraction does NOT come with an ETA.
You cannot manifest “Everything” you ask for. Also without taking “Action”, you aren’t going to achieve anything. Truth is, sometimes it gets a little too late for us in life to seek “Everything”.
You need to stop the constant negative chatter in your mind for you to even move forward to working towards your goals. You cannot manifest good health, while all the time your mind constantly thinking that bad health runs in my family and bad health is in your genes.
If you want to achieve something, the first thing is to Remove and discard Negative thought patterns in your mind towards the same. Else, you are heading to the same result as earlier.
You need to stay focused and alert all the time because your subconscious will lead you to situations, circumstances, instances, and people in an effort to help you take action and help realize your goals.
Decide what you want first and then work towards making it your belief and have a strong intention towards it. Do not keep wandering your thoughts and beliefs from one goal to another. Eg: I want to start a successful business and while your subconscious is working to get you all that you want to start your own business, you change your thoughts “It’s better I get employed and get a good job which is much better because I prefer a steady income.
If you want to get back your lost relationship, think again. There is a reason it did not work. You have dealt with enough situations, circumstances, and instances which has resulted in the relationship not working. Learning to let go will result in better things awaiting you. But, be sure that you have ended it on the right note and amicably. You also need to work on removing all the negative emotions attached to the past relationship, if not, you are bound to attract the same kind of person the next time around in your relationship.

Law of attraction does not have an ETA:
I love Headers such as “Manifest anything you desire in 30 days”! Can you imagine where would we all reach if we could all work towards manifesting “Anything” we want in 30days? What an ideal world this would be, full of abundance for every single individual!
I am always in awe when I come across “Captivating” headers which pulls me into the content, but which finally turns out to be total bull and never delivers the promised outcome.
Let’s get a little practical here Ok! In 30days, we certainly can become disciplined (to an extent), get a little away from procrastination, maybe lose some weight, get better skin, get to know someone better, maybe stick to our diet, etc, but manifesting Anything you want in 30days certainly makes me cringe.
Firstly all of us need to know that Law of attraction doesn’t come with an ETA ( Estimated Turn around Time). While some of us consider this as Universe or Source, most of us consider this as Sub-conscious conspiring to work towards making things happen for you. I have myself been trained on Law of attraction and nowhere does it say that the Universe will deliver what you want within ‘XYZ’ timeframe. You can absolutely make “Law of Attraction” work in your favor, but we’ve got to get real. I had a coach who taught me the Law of Attraction and in fact, told me he was able to achieve what he wanted but took him 4 years to make his dream come true. It certainly didn’t come and fall in his lap, he worked and worked hard, kept the focus on what he wanted, took action and finally ended up reaping the benefits in multiple folds. Now don’t look at 4 years as a number and scare yourself, very few have become multi-billionaires overnight and even for that to happen there have been years of hard work prior to them hitting gold.
Like it is said, the entire universe or your subconscious mind is conspiring to get you to want and that’s true. Sometimes you manifest way sooner than you expected and sometimes it can take time depending on whether you are ready for it or not.
You also need to learn to “Learn to Allow your Success” and not act as a detriment yourself. That is where your Belief systems come into play. Stronger your beliefs towards goals, sooner the realization of your dreams and goals.

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