How To Deal With a Bad Boss


How To Deal With a Bad Boss

Dealing with a difficult boss is one of the biggest challenges most people face in their careers. Follow this space to learn more about how you could learn to manage your boss.

When your boss is a true leader, when he/she is encouraging, appreciative, and shows interest in the wellbeing of his/her team, you would be one of the lucky few. Studies show that one of the biggest reasons why people quit their jobs is because they are unhappy with their bosses and they see no other way to deal with him/her, but to leave their jobs in the hope that the grass would be greener at another company.

If you are someone who is facing this issue, you’re not alone. Not every one of us is blessed with a great boss and the ones who are blessed are truly lucky and to have their career graph heading skywards.

However, for the ones who have to deal with a difficult boss, life isn’t very easy. People heading to work with a constant sense of insecurity, fear of getting laid off, dealing with ever-increasing levels of physical and emotional stress, feeling mentally drained because of a bad boss, all that anxiety taking a toll on your mental wellbeing, unable to concentrate, etc because your  Boss’s behavior has taken over your life.

Slowly, the only thing would that matters in your day to day life taking the highest priority would be dealing with your boss. Every single thought that would run in your mind about work would be about your boss’s reactions.

Even your personal life wouldn’t be insulated from what you’d be dealing with at work.

Now, dealing with a bad boss is not easy and can sometimes drive us to make very poor decisions in our lives leading to long term repercussions. Haven’t you met anyone who quit their jobs because they were unable to handle their boss, only to land in another job where the other person was best at being worse as compared to the previous boss?

And to top it all, apart from a bad boss, work culture in the new organization might not be conducive at all, colleagues and peers may be the worse of their kind and the entire ambiance of the workplace might drain every bit of energy from them.

If you always end up working with people who don’t let you be at your best at your work, do you think your focus would be anywhere close to meeting your career goals? Instead, all your thoughts and all your energy would be completely focused on tolerating, enduring, and suffering another day at work.

Is this the only thing you get to battle? What about feelings of low motivation, a drop in your self-esteem, and the frustration of being unable to crack the code?

And what about your personal life? How do you feel when you head back home? Mentally, physically and emotionally drained. Would you be active and ready to take on the most important aspect of your life which is your personal life or do you think you would be completely drained, unable to give quality time to your family and friends, though with all your heart and mind, you truly would love to cater to their needs?

The bottom line, you just cannot leave your professional life at work when you have a challenging boss. Of course, it is easier said than done. You can try as hard as you want, it is just not possible to leave your work issues at work.

So, is there a solution? How are we going to change the boss’s behavior and make it favorable to us?

We shall explore this subject in greater detail in the upcoming blogs.

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