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How To Land Your Dream Job

A good job can influence all other aspects of our life. For more than half of our lifetime we work, either to sustain our life or to better our life and lifestyle. End of the day we also tend to judge ourselves by the way we have progressed in our careers.

Gone are the days when we used to listen to people talk about “serving” twenty to thirty years in one single company with a lot of pride. Taking what they get, promotions being a rarity. Switching companies was virtually unheard of.

Off late there are so many options to make a living out of. I know so many people who don’t even work in the same field they chose as their study. I have not only seen them survive in an unfamiliar environment, but I have also seen them thrive.

This new world also poses a lot of challenges. Competition for jobs has increased and in young countries with a high number of youngsters under the age of 35, competition is only going to increase in the coming years.

Considering that every company is looking at individuals who can deliver beyond their capability, recruiters are far more stringent in choosing candidates whom they want to entrust the responsibilities with.

Most organizations have now turned to Technology to carry out initial screening of resumes. Only when you pass the scrutiny of a bot, you even get to personally showcase your capabilities who you are to an actual person.

I meet a lot of people, who should ideally be getting placed easily. Some people I have met are extremely well qualified. The amount of formal education and the number of certifications they possess at times makes even me jealous.

There are others I meet who have learned so much over the course of their careers. I have met people who have been a part of major projects, played really important roles, and overseen operations at a humongous scale.

When such people enter the job market, you would think, others would have to step aside and let them through. They should ideally have a whole lot of job options to choose from.

Sadly, I see several people of such immense caliber and education struggling to make it through to secure their dream jobs. And some people don’t even pass the very first hurdle of getting shortlisted.

The real tragedy is that people don’t even know why, despite all the wealth of experience and knowledge they possess, they are just unable to land their dream job.

If you haven’t been successful in getting a job, you need to relook at your strategy. If your resume is never getting picked out of the lot, then there is truly something missing irrespective of the amount of experience you have or the amount of potential you carry.

Over time, I will share some knowledge about securing your dream job. From getting shortlisted to cracking the interview process and securing the right amount of salary. I will share detailed strategies that will help you.

So be sure to watch this space!

Can’t wait that long, then get in touch!

In this article I will tell you about clearing the first hurdle, getting shortlisted!

Whether you’re a fresher or someone with loads of experience, here are some little tips that you can use on your next job attempt.

Choose Wisely

Don’t be in a mad rush to join any organization. That’s the biggest mistake desperate job seekers make.

Without proper research about a company, you might just find yourself in a company with completely bad work culture. A place with an undisciplined workforce. Run by people who don’t care about their employees, still worse they might not even care about the direction the organization is heading in.

Such a move would turn out completely disastrous for you.

Spend time researching the company, after all, you want to be happy contributing to the organization don’t you? Talk to your friends and family and figure out if they know someone who works at the company so you can connect with them and get feedback. Try to gather as much information as you can, before you make a choice.

Fine Tune Your Resume

This is the key that will unlock the doors for you.

As I mentioned, before an actual human can even get his/her eye on it, resumes are filtered by bots. These bots decide whether the candidate has the skills, experience, or qualifications that the job requires.

So you would need to spend time fine-tuning your resume to make sure your resume gets shortlisted.

Read through the job description and job requirements well. Present your skills, qualifications, and experience to match the job requirements.

Make sure you customize your resume to include all the requisites mentioned in the job description.


Networking plays a vital role in getting placed but most often gets overlooked. When we look for a job, the first thing we all do is register at all the job sites that show up on google.

But, there are a lot of companies that like to hire through references. So always be in touch with people who work in good organizations and also your previous colleagues/boss.

When you start hunting for a job, keep your network informed. You never know, who might come back to you with good news.

Know what you are worth

Please, research!

Find out what would be the ideal package for the role/position you seek. You can check job portals for similar roles and you will get an insight into what the companies offer.

There is no reason why you should settle for less than what you are worth.

Figure out what went wrong

If you don’t successfully crack an interview, don’t beat yourself, instead, try to figure out how to do it better the next time.

Mistakes are our best teachers and hence learn from your past. Do your best and learn when things don’t go your way and try not to repeat.

Stay Positive

I know it can get difficult but you brooding over not getting a job is not making your life any better.

The amount of time you spend on brooding and worrying can be constructively spent on networking or maybe learning a new skill that could land you in your dream job. So stop worrying and always think and believe, you deserve better.

If you are looking for a dream job, there is a lot more help coming your way over time and hence watch out this space.

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