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Learn to Control your Conscious thoughts to build a strong Mindset for Success.

In the previous blogs, we spoke about the challenges people face while working with tough bosses and the effects of working with a difficult boss. We also saw some startling statistics about how a lot of people around the world face challenges of working with a difficult boss and we learnt how to cope up with situations while dealing with a difficult boss.

So in today’s really interesting blog, get to know about Thoughts. Make sure you go till the end of this blog as we continue our quest further on how to deal with tough situations and also gain insight into how our thoughts affect our lives. Now before you think, this blog is going to be fully philosophical, this isn’t, this is sheer Science.

We’ll explore Thoughts, their origins and most importantly the effects they have in shaping our lives. Get to know why you think the way you think and by making changes to your Thoughts, you can truly shape your future.

When you understand what thoughts are all about, you will understand HOW they work, HOW it impacts you and, you will also understand WHY the techniques being taught work.

You really don’t get much of these details online unless you have browsed and devoured hundreds of pages, so make the best use of this blog.


We think a lot of things, but do we think about our thoughts themselves?

How often have you thought about why certain thoughts keep coming into your mind, also why are some thoughts highly positive while some are exactly the opposite?

Even though your mindset is the same, why is it that sometimes despite being highly positive, the experiences, results, or outcomes are always negative?

If we are talking about your mind being able to achieve everything you desire, shouldn’t the mind be able to provide you what you desire all the time?

Why is your mind sometimes your best friend and sometimes your enemy? Have you ever wondered why staying positive all the time might not be giving you a positive result, while sometimes having a negative thought just once is more than enough to bring in the negative outcome you truly did not desire? 

 Cyclical Nature between Our thoughts And Experiences

Our behaviors, personality, and eventually our life is shaped by what we think.

 Our thoughts are shaped by your experiences and our experiences shape our thoughts.  

 There are hundreds of thoughts running across our mind every day and all these are random thoughts whereas some thoughts are conscious thoughts, thoughts which we create by consciously thinking about it. 

 For example, when you started experiencing issues with your boss, did it make you find solutions? Did you talk to your friends and family to seek advice? Did you search the internet for solutions to overcome the challenge?  And, has the same quest for a solution brought you to this blog?

Do you realize how you were logically heading towards finding solutions and how you had full control over your thoughts, ideas, and conception all the time?

Do you now see “How to Beat the Boss blues” was created by your conscious thinking?

Now, where did all these logical, conscious, and deliberate thoughts arise from?

These thoughts started from the conscious part of your brain. It takes up about 5% of your mind.

Now your conscious mind is logical, judgmental, and rational. It has the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. It has the capability of decision making and is the captain of the ship.

Every time you make an effort to think, you are using the Conscious part of the mind.

So it is highly important, imperative, and vital that you Keep your Thoughts Positive, Clean, and favorable to you so that you have full control over your thoughts and eventually your life. 

Ok, so when you are not consciously doing things, what drives you to do things unconsciously then?

What do you think keeps your mind working while you are asleep? Do you consciously dream or do you dream unconsciously? While driving, have you realized that you might be lost in your thoughts or music or conversations, only to realize that you have safely reached home?

Now if this has got you thinking, that’s awesome.

All these are taken care of by the Subconscious Mind also called the involuntary mind, it’s a slave to the conscious mind, and a dreamer.

The Conscious and Subconscious represent the dual nature of the mind. 

 All the Conscious thoughts that get created by your conscious thinking get sown into the subconscious mind and when these thoughts are powered, energized, and activated by constantly thinking about them, they are taken to completion by the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the mind in Action. 

The subconscious occupies the remaining 95% of your mind space. It is a storehouse of all your memories and emotions. Scientists believe an average human subconscious can hold as much information as the internet had in the year 2007. All the experiences you have had through out your life and the emotions associated with each experience is stored in the subconscious mind.

 Every single emotion, every single experience, and every single thought that you have experienced your entire life is stored in some corner of your mind.

 Now, must be wondering, if every memory is stored why then am I not able to remember, say a teacher’s name from school days or why don’t I remember what was the color of my clothing for my 3rd year birthday?

 It was you who decided that this memory wasn’t important to you by not thinking about it.

 You keep a memory alive, in the forefront, and ready to be accessible by constantly thinking about it. The more you think about something, your mind considers it as important for you helping your subconscious mind retain this as a fresh memory.

 Patterns in your mind

 Out of all the memories you have of events, people and outcomes, the Subconscious Mind looks for patterns. It begins “grouping” similar events, similar people and similar outcomes together and builds a pattern out of it. Like people you are happy with, people you don’t like. Events that make you happy etc.

 These patterns that your mind builds is what shapes your future because your mind then starts working on “auto” mode due to past experiences and will tend to draw more and more of experiences that you think about the most.

 It will successfully start providing you the same experiences as the past, be it positive or negative.

 Haven’t you heard people say, “ ah this always happens with me” when they face something negative or some of them say, “I always knew this would be a success?” Do you see how our personalities get shaped because of mind patterns? Can you imagine the personality of a someone who always is successful as compared to someone who has faced more failures in their lives?

 Once a pattern is formed, your mind would keep looking for the same patterns and be rest assured, that you will only cross paths with the same kind of experiences as the past, be it good or bad. 

 There is no such thing as coincidences

 Have you come across co-incidences? All of a sudden, you are presented with something you have been looking for, or you crossed paths with someone you have been thinking about or a call that you have been wanting to receive? And do you think, it is all a coincidence?

 These are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. The reason is you had powered the thought, by thinking about it long enough to bring that thought into fruition.

 Now this is the most important thing your Subconscious does.

 It constantly creates circumstances, events and, situations to ensure you experience the emotion you seek. This is referred to as The Law of Attraction.

 The more you think about your fears, failures, successes, happiness, defeats, conquests etc the more likelihood of coming true.  

 Always, keep your thoughts filled with good, successful and optimistic things.

 Breaking Patterns is necessary

 If you keep experiencing the same pattern, experiences and events over and over again, it is because of the pattern created in your subconscious mind. It feels it is important for you to experience that emotion over and over again and hence keeps helping you cross paths with the same kind situation leading to the same outcome.

 If you keep experiencing negative patterns in your career, it is because your mind has built these patterns which becomes your Belief System.

Unless you break these negative patterns in your mind and recreate a new positive belief system, be rest assures nothing will change and you will continue to experience the same occurrences as the past.

This is what I specialise in. I offer practical step by step application of NLP techniques to help you break negative thought patterns and replace them with highly effective positive thought patterns, so you can achieve your professional, personal and financial goals.

Every problem has a solution, you just need an expert to guide you.

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