Stress Management

What is stress ?
Stress refers to physiological, emotional, behavioral and cognitive reactions that occur in response to changes/demands. Stress is natural response and stress is what provides us the energy to confront or retreat from any threat(fight /flight mode). Stress is very normal and what stress is to one person might not be the same to another. Some people are good at handling stress and some succumb to it.

Change is the only constant and Changes can either be real or perceived.
The real stress is when you are actually faced with the situation.
Eg: Marriage, shifting house, excessive workload, multi-tasking, etc.

Perceived stress :
Where you are yet to face the actual situation but you are building perceptions regarding the outcome of the situation. Eg1: When your boss calls for you to his office, your mind goes through various thoughts and outcomes. High probability that it’s just a simple meeting, but your mind has gone through all the faults/mistakes you committed and assumes that you are about to get a earful.
Eg2: How is my question paper gonna be for my exams?

Not all stress is bad. Our body is designed to handle small doses of stress but certainly not long- term chronic stress where stress occurs frequently and also where we have no control over it. Stress is what gets you to slam the breaks suddenly to avoid hitting the car in front of you and that’s a good thing.

When you feel threatened or there is a perceived threat, a chemical reaction occurs in the body that allows you to act to prevent injury. This reaction is stress response or commonly known as fight/flight mode. During the response, your heart rate increases, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breathing quickens and you are ready to act ie you are ready to protect yourself.

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