The Findings Of These Surveys Will Shock You!

Surveys about employee satisfaction

In the previous post, we had an overview of how working with a difficult boss can affect people.

In this post, I want to share some extremely shocking details about the scale of the problem. You will be truly shocked to know how many people seem to be the victims of a bad boss.

Each year numerous internal surveys in companies and other surveys across industries are conducted by several agencies to get a better understanding of employee satisfaction.

The finding that these surveys show is fairly consistent. Here are some representative numbers taken from various surveys.

80% of people say they need help in managing job stress.

Studies show that nearly 75% of the people in America are unhappy with their bosses.

Nearly 50% of people were willing to look for a job elsewhere and you guessed it right because they were unhappy with their bosses.

People in the US, spend nearly 360 billion dollars on health care, most people unable to deal with the stress they are under, due to their bosses.

Now for the most profound aspect, 65% of people polled would rather have a different boss, who was understanding and less toxic, than take a pay raise!

Can you believe that? A better boss over a pay raise?

Now, these can be considered just numbers or you can try to infer what these numbers speak to you.

Can you imagine the impact the boss or the managers have on an individual’s life?

Wish this be restricted to only professional life. Unfortunately, this gets well extended into the emotional well- being of an individual too.

Imagine a highly-motivated go-getter like you joining work, only to be beaten down by the boss’s attitude? How long is it possible to stay motivated and isolate a single experience of a bad interaction with your boss?

That one instance could lead you to start keeping a tab of all the bad experiences and then the reality of your boss’s attitude unfolds. What happens to the motivated go-getter?

You know the answer by now, rather than becoming an achiever you always wanted to be, you are battling to overcome challenges with the boss and your profound sense of wanting to be an achiever taking the backseat.   

What about your self- esteem? Listening to the constant unfavorable, negative, and irritating talks from your boss is certain to take a toll on your self- esteem. It can make you feel less worthy, exactly the opposite of what you are. It can deter your belief in yourself and instead induce doubt your capability. This could also lead to an inferiority complex, though you might be one of the best at your workplace.  

The constant tussle with your boss would change your entire perspective towards your work. Rather than thinking how best to execute a plan, you are now focussing on how your boss would like it done. And when you end up becoming over-cautious, start to over analyze things and try to guess your boss’s reaction to it, all the possibility that this would result in more mistakes than normal, leading to the lesser quality of work, more rework, and lesser productivity.  

Also when you don’t have the drive to work, you would not accomplish as much as you want or you are capable of. And am sure this does not give you any happiness or satisfaction at your work.  

What do you think is the result of all this? You would only begin looking to escape your boss, you know your boss won’t change and hence the best way to handle him is to escape him.

As people say, employees don’t leave companies they leave their bosses. 

We’ll explore more about this topic in upcoming blogs.

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