The Secret Power Of Your Subconscious

power of your subconscious

In previous blogs , I spoke about the subconscious and how your subconscious works .

This week I am going to tell you the biggest secret about your subconscious.

As you would have already read that subconscious is the database, that stores all your experiences and emotions. Based on all the events that have taken place, your mind would also build patterns and that would result in you building a certain mindset. This mindset ends up shaping our personality.

Once your mind has developed its ideas,  it begins to look at every event, person and opportunity with that perspective. This would slowly develop into a Belief System.

Law Of Belief

Your mind works on the “Law of belief”. What ever your belief system is your mind begins to believe that as the Truth. If you have a lot of instances where you have face success or if you have had some instances where you have faced failure, then your mind would begin to believe that a certain task would definitely end up in success or something would end up in failure.

This law of belief is what shapes us. Our fears, our values, our habits, everything about our opinions has its root in this belief system. This belief system is totally made up of the patterns that your subconscious mind sees.

The Secret Power of Your Subconscious

Your subconscious has the power to make whatever think, play out in your life. What happens in your life, is the result of this belief system.

Eg : when you step out for an interview at a company, what goes through your mind ?

Are you focusing on the preparation or are you thinking about all the failures you have had in the recent attempts ? Are you going in there with the thought that you will handle every question thrown at you or do you go in with the hope that this interview things will go your way ?

The nature of your belief would make you attract energies of the same kind. More positive thoughts would help you attract positive things . More negativity in your mind, you would attract more negative situations and encounter more negative people.

Your belief system helps you attract situations, people and events that would lead you to your belief.  So if you think of yourself as being successful, you will end up  getting more success in your ventures. But, if most of your thoughts are rooted in something negative, then the road to success is not going to be all that close for you.

Strength of Belief

The more you think of something, the more energy you give that thought. So if the same thought keeps reappearing over and over again in your mind. It means you end up giving that much more energy to that thought. And that energy would play a part in how your life pans out.

As said earlier, with the right mindset, you can meet the right set of people at the right time. Or you might just have a stroke of luck and you get the money you were looking for, for a project. All these are the signs of your strength and conviction in your thoughts.

Your subconscious can definitely make a huge difference, but at the end of the day, you have to be realistic. Your subconscious will help you in your efforts. It can’t be that you don’t put in any effort and you just expect results.

You can’t hope to be a millionaire and all you do is dream. You will have to go ahead and give your dream an avenue also. 

Your subconscious is you pathway to achieving what you want, learn to control your thoughts to achieve your dreams.

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