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Wellness and Holistic Life:
I always wonder why do we wait for untoward happening and only then respond especially, when it comes to the aspects of our life.

While we should know that Health, Wealth, Family, Relationships, Professional life, Emotional and Spirituality is what makes our life holistic, why are all of us only inclined towards amassing wealth. Is it because we all are of the opinion that when our health goes down, wealth will put us in the best of the hospitals and help us get the best medical care or are we assuming that wealth would help us get our family and friends by our side? This isn’t funny, right? You can make all the money on earth, but you will never have a so-called holistic or complete life which is a life of fulfillment.

Imbalance in even a single aspect will result in impacting all other aspects of our life too. The best way to realize is to understand the symptoms of imbalance like unhappiness, anger, lack of empathy, self- consumption, feeling of dissatisfaction, frustration, lack of confidence, health issues, stress, etc. I have come across individuals whose life goal is to make money, which I think is great, but unless it is well balanced between family, health, relationship, and spirituality, that individual is certainly is not leading a life of fulfillment and that individual will never lead a life of contentment.

We all need to understand that we need to have a right balance in all aspects of our life and the balance is what will lead us towards a holistic life with lot of happiness and peace.

Personally, I learnt my lesson. I haven’t been a health freak myself till I went through extremely low energy levels without a valid reason and was mostly stressed. I realized that I was not balancing my life well and that I was inclined more towards making my professional life a success. There came a time when I had to wake up and decide to play the balancing act and not regret at a later stage on all the things I missed out and hence I started acting upon it.

If you were to break your life into Professional, Financial, Relationship, Emotional, Spiritual and Health, are you well balanced in all the aspects is something you need to contemplate upon. What causes the imbalance and if so, are you trying to work towards bringing all these aspects into balance is something you need to question yourself. Balance in all aspects is what would lead you to being Happy and Successful in your life.

The bigger question here is would you want to go with the flow of how life is now or would you want to lead a life leading of happiness and contentment.

Tell me does anything that I have stated above sound new to you guys? Certainly not, because I am sure you guys have heard this before. But the answer to what is stopping us from doing the right thing is with us and with none else.

All that I am asking is for you guys to make small little changes in making the right choice and bringing in a balance in your lives.

You need to also understand that “Sometimes, late could become a little too late or it could also become never”.

So here’s me asking you guys to all wake up and strike the balance to lead a holistic life filled with happiness.

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